Meet Our Founder

Carleen Goodridge | Founder of Le MONADE

Carleen Goodridge is the mother of four beautiful children, an entrepreneur, and a former sergeant in the Army National Guard. Overcoming some of life’s potentially condemning pitfalls—homelessness, abuse, and abandonment—she seeks to impart grace and empowerment to everyone she meets. 

While serving in the military, ending a marriage before it truly began, dealing with undiagnosed health issues with monthly trips to the ER and homeschooling 4 children - a catering company was started! 

Self proclaimed Lady Lemonade, Carleen is a Baltimore-based Culinary Creative, Curator and Cultivator of Culture. To her, food is fellowship; an opportunity for community, connection and creative moments. 

Launching her first food brand in 2012 helped guide her towards understanding how her desire for building community could be utilized & expanded upon. 

Le MONADE was created to pivot, transition between life happenings and growth. 

The product line came from that same need.  She received her favorite “NO” ever - Ready to eat/drink foods at a local farmers market were prohibited. So, she  took her popular lemonade beverages and bottled them without any water; crafting up a new concentrate patrons love mixing up at home!

Taking the Proverb, "when life gives you lemons..." to heart, she aspires to inspire refreshing creativity through nourishment and sociability.